Will you go to Prom with me?


Photo by Hanna Duenkel

By Katie Johnson

  Just a week until prom, and the past month has been full of ‘Promposals’. With the selfie generation and social media taking over our lives, students have gone out of their way to ask other students to prom. Looking back at when our parents went to prom all they did was make a phone call or ask in between their classes, but now, the selfie generation is taking it one step further. Everyone has seen the “you have to be this tall to say no”, the cop that pulls over a student just to fake a ticket that asks “prom?”, and red solo cups in the side of the fence, but what started all this? What started the kids embarrassing themselves, taking risks, and overcoming fears?

  Not knowing when promposals first started, the first newspaper story about a promposal  stated by the Washington Post, was in 2001, in the Dallas Morning News and  now, ever since then, this event has become even more popular. Some students believe that the reason for promposals is due to girls wanting to be shown off, making it spontaneous and to make that special someone happy, and others believe that it’s all due to social media. “Everyone wants the cute pictures and wants to be noticed,” said junior Portia Gusciora. Another way of looking at why prom proposals are such a big deal is that students are always told through their lives that prom makes some of the best memories, so some may feel that asking that person should be special too.

 Prom is a special occasion for many juniors and seniors, and whether it be that you want a picture for your next post, or just to make someone feel special every reason leads to one outcome, a big promposal.  where they are due, because those people went out of their way to make that event happen, and if you didn’t ask in a big way or did not ask anyone at all that’s okay too. Proms for everyone, it’s the last dance for seniors, an excuse to get on high heels or a tux and a time to make memories that will last a lifetime.