Beep! Beep!

Beep! Beep!

By Abby Fletcher

Getting your driver’s license is one of the most exciting aspects in high school, the feeling of freedom but yet responsibility makes you feel like you’re actually growing up. From behind the wheel, driver’s ED, and the dreaded permit test there are so many trials and tribulations teenagers have to go through to their license.

The highly anticipated permit test is probably the most stressed about part of getting your license. “ I was very nervous about the second part of the test because I didn’t want to fail. I tried studying on the DMV’s website because they had a very informative study guide,” said sophomore Luke Barbour.  sophomore Christian Lamb said he was most worried about, “Not getting all the signs right,” and he also utilized the DMV’s online study guide.

If you ask students at Tuscarora what they’re most excited about to start driving nine out of ten times you’ll get one word…”independence.” Being able to go where you want to go when you need to or when you want to is a whole new freedom teenagers have never had before. GRADE Luke Bates wants to drive to the movies first while junior Victoria Avelar can’t wait to be able to drive herself home from soccer practice and not have to wait for a ride. Whether it’s the mall, Fireworks, or Friday night’s football game the first place you get to drive is the most unforgettable and nerve-racking drives.

Even though the radio can be the biggest distraction in a young adults car the first song you will play on your first drive alone is an overanalyzed question in a teenager’s head. Barbour wants to listen to any Panic At the Disco song, Lamb wants to listen to Temp by KB, and Avelar wants to listen to her country playlist with the windows down.

Going through all these steps to get a little laminated piece of paper in your wallet can be the most stressful but rewarding experiences in your teens… apart from the SAT. So for all those new drivers on the road, you’ll make mistakes and you’ll drive too fast or too slow for other drivers but stick to what your teachers taught you and don’t let other drivers push you around, from one teenage driver to another, and don’t forget about the Jonas Brothers on your first jam session in your car.