How-To: Pep Rallies

by Lydia Stonerook

According to the dictionary, a pep rally is “a meeting aimed at inspiring enthusiasm, especially one held before a sporting event.” It sounds extremely boring to have a “meeting” with some 1,600 other students. However, at Tuscarora High School, things are a little different. No one stands out because they sing the Fight Song or cheer when the golf team makes their entrance. Every class tries to beat the seniors to win the prized spirit stick, even though no one has been successful in the past three years. Stereo-typically, an entire class stands out, not because they cheer the loudest or try to dance with the step team, but because they don’t want to look crazy in front of their peers. Of course, this is the freshman class. But have no fear, a list is here! Here are five tips from upperclassmen to help the newbies have an awesome first pep rally.

  1. “Never sit down!” said Tusky Terror leader Brandon Meyer. Throughout the pep rally, you might get tired, but that means you’re doing it right! Jump around when the football team runs out of the helmet, and stand and sing with Ms. Newmiller when she teaches the school “Rise Huskies Rise”.
  2. “Enjoy it! Everyone else has a good time cheering on their peers so participate with them,” said junior Shelby Haley. You’re only in high school once so make it count.
  3. “Don’t think it’s lame to have school spirit,” said Tuscarora junior Camille Zimmerman. Every higher grade has more school spirit than the last, because students learn to have more spirit and let themselves go. Maybe the freshman class this year will change that.   
  4. “Don’t be self conscious about screaming and going hard at the cheers, we want you to be loud and obnoxious; well, not too obnoxious,” said senior Maddie Dobscha. While it is encouraged to yell and cheer throughout most of the pep rally, know when to be respectful. During the singing of the National Anthem, you can sing along, but respect those performing. Additionally, the only other time you really need to be quiet is when others are talking. Everyone wants to hear what Mr. Connelly is telling the crowd or what new cheer Tusky Terror is teaching the school.
  5. “Always try to beat the seniors,” said Meyer. Even though the seniors win the spirit stick every year, it makes the pep rally more fun if every class puts up a good fight. Whether the competition is singing karaoke to a popular song or throwing cheetos on a cap full of shaving cream, try your best; even if you look like an idiot.