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Guess Who’s Not Coming Home

By Megan Cohen

For over a century, girls have been strapping on heels while their male counterparts adjust their ties, soon to head out for a night of dancing, food, and school spirit. Homecoming has been deemed a high school tradition that could even be considered an essential experience. However, while some Tuscarora students are eagerly discussing their dinner plans and organizing carpool, others don’t even have the “big night” on their minds.

Sophomore Katelyn Bittinger is one student who won’t attend the dance. “I already have something planned with my family,” she shared.

While others won’t be coming simply because they have other plans, students like junior Gabriel Cashen don’t think it’s worth their time. “I’ve got better things to do,” explained Cashen. Does he not have a date, a common reason for not going? “No,” he said, “I have a date. I just don’t want to go.”

Unfortunately, there will be a select few who won’t even have the choice to attend homecoming. Freshman Sabina Khan will be one of them. “My parents won’t let me go,” Khan said. “But it doesn’t matter. I already had plans for that night.”

Homecoming, for some, is an exciting night to bond with current friends and potential ones, dancing to music picked out by a sweaty DJ that everyone tries to avoid. But others see it as nothing but another Saturday night to spend the way they always do. Whether it be pursuing a hobby, spending time with family or friends, or just relaxing, some will save themselves the hassle of getting all done up. But in all reality, it doesn’t really matter whether or not you come out this Saturday for the dance, because there will be plenty of other opportunities to enjoy your time in high school.

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