Tuscarora’s Christian Fellowship Club

By: Shalom Montero
“I LOVE IT!” said Julie Luu, sophomore, about Tuscarora’s Christian Fellowship Club. The club isn’t just about the Bible or how to follow it. Meeting in the choir room might be a little bit weird for some kids that are not in choir, but you’re not going only to see your friends, you’re going to keep that connection with God. The group has close to 40 dedicated members who meet to worship God.
CFC meets every Tuesday unless otherwise noted on their Facebook page (Tuscarora Christian Fellowship Club.) The club was originally started by Jhavi M. Schatz. He announced that he wanted to start a Christian club, and soon the news passed around from friend to friend. The idea came to Schatz after he came back from a winter Camp Cornerstone Chapel holds every year. The group flourished with time, and the number of kids that come every Tuesday is shocking to all.
“I think it’s been great so far, and I love starting my day with it,” said sophomore Kelly Wright. The kids who go to the Bible group have to wake up early in order to be at school by 8:15 a.m. Of course, most teenagers would rather sleep than stay awake to go to school, but this group of kids wake up early to get that little extra something you can’t usually get in a church.
“Everyone is really friendly,” said Wright. Other members are also welcoming.  Darcy Pierce, sophomore, says, “Come [to the club] if you’ve just started to believe in God or you’ve gone to church all your life.”  Member Julie Luu states, “It’s a great way to have a strong Christian fellowship with other Christians in our school!” Members agreed that the club was a great to keep a connection with God and meet people who can help you grow in faith. “It’s a fun experience even if you’re not a Christian,” said senior Amanda Armstrong.
“[I’ve been there since] the first day it opened. I like it and I hope it grows,” said Vanessa Aziz. People within the group want to make it better. They have great ideas to expand CFC, such as fliers, reaching out and inviting friends who are both Christians and non-Christians, and having a bake sale to make the group known and also save some money for future things that they would like to do/plan.