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Tusky Error: Homecoming Pep Rally Hit Or Miss?


By: Lili Samios
This year’s homecoming pep rally was much shorter than pep rallies Tuscarora has held in the past. Pep rallies usually start around 3:00, but this time it started at 3:25. Because of this, the pep rally was shorter and we weren’t able to do as many activities. Usually during pep rallies there are many cheers for the different classes and competitions such as relay races.
At this pep rally there was time for marching band and color guard to perform, and the varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders, the dance team, and the Powder Puff cheerleaders were able to start their routines. Unfortunately, during the pep rally, the speakers were not working correctly. During the dance team’s performance, the speakers stopped working. Despite this, they kept dancing for the rest of their routine. The speakers also stopped working during the Powder Puff cheerleader’s performance.
When students entered the gym for the pep rally, the marching band was already playing. They play typical marching band music, but also popular songs by artists like Lady Gaga. After everyone sat down with their class, the chorus students sang the national anthem.  After that, the cheerleaders performed. This year the cheerleaders have a new coach. Their routines showed obvious hard work and improvement from year one to two, both on the varsity and junior varsity team. In between the varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders, the dance team performed. They were really good, and have improved from last year, too.
About halfway through the dance team’s performance, the speakers stopped working. Even though they no longer had a beat to dance to, they kept going. The dance team finished their routine and stayed together even without music to help them. After the dance team and the cheerleaders, the Powder Puff cheerleaders began their routine. Near the beginning of their performance the speakers again stopped working. The music was restarted, but there was not enough time to finish the presentation.
When asked about what he thought about the Powder Puff cheerleaders not being able to finish their performance, Michael Price said, “I think they had a great performance put together and of course it is a shame it was cut short, but it served as the perfect teaser and I’m sure a lot of folks will come out to the game in November.” When asked, Eric Grimm said, “That was very upsetting because [Powder Puff cheerleaders] are extremely comical.” Zacharia Benalayat said, “That was a crime. They should have gotten to finish.” So, while it may have been disappointing that we did not get to see all of the performance, it is a great reason for people to go to the Powder Puff game and show some school spirit.
At this pep rally there was not enough time to do the different class cheers. Usually the classes do different cheers to get pumped up. Some of the cheers include “Husky Swag” and “I believe that we can win.” When asked what he thought of the lack of cheers, William Patton said, “I was really happy we didn’t get to them.” Michael Price said, “The class cheers always boost everyone’s energy level, but I don’t think not cheering lowered the spirit and anticipation for the homecoming game.” Tabryn Palmer said, “They probably should have had us do [the cheers] instead of [letting] the Powder Puff guys [perform.]” So, some people would have preferred if we had done class cheers, but the football game had just as much spirit has ever.
One of the cheers usually done at the pep rallies is “Husky Swag.” This cheer has gotten mixed reviews from students. Michael Price said, “I’m not saying I like the ‘Husky Swag’ cheer, but it allows us to loosen up and not take ourselves so seriously.” Both William Patton and Tabryn Palmer said, “It is lame.” Another student, Zacharia Benalayat said, “It is silly and cheesy, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.” Even if many students do not particularly like the “Husky Swag” cheer, it doesn’t hurt them to be a little silly, and they could always think of a new cheer to do instead.”
Overall this pep rally was not too different than all the other pep rallies. There was not as much time as usual, but what there was time for was very entertaining. Eric Grimm said, “I thought we could have done better with the timing of events. I also think they need to work on the audio issue, because it has been a problem before.”  Michael Price said, “It was definitely the most entertaining pep rally this year.”
The pep rally got mixed reviews from students, but those who did enjoy it thought that it was one of the best pep rallies so far. There are still ways that they can get better, and there is always next year.

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