Brian Chicas; A Cut Above The Rest


It isn’t too common that students start their own businesses when they hit highschool, as it gets in the way of schoolwork and sports. Amongst the few who do, junior Brian Chicas has made a name for himself through his hair cutting business.
Tuscarora student, Brian Chicas, started his hair cutting business in the light of his uncle’s passing, who had been in the hair business for around 9 years. “My aunt had asked my grandma if she could have some of his tools and she said no, so she asked me if I wanted to learn to cut hair,” he says. Being completely self taught, he had a bit of a challenge in making his business.
With starting businesses in highschool, it often-times gets in the way of school and sports. With Brian being on the football team, there is uncertainty about whether or not he wishes to continue hair cutting as a future career for himself. “This year has been such a struggle for me. The amount of work I’ve been assigned feels like a slap in the face, and especially with football because it’s year round,” he says.
Coming home from practice and going straight into cutting hair was oftentimes his daily routine, having to push appointments back because of football. “It’s rare that I don’t cut somebody’s hair a single day,” Brian claims.
Despite the occasional downs, starting a business has had its ups for the young entrepreneur. “I love getting to know the people, and sometimes we have really deep talks because I cut a lot of my friends’ hair,” he says.
Chicas has made a lot of goals for himself in the midst of running a business. “I want to keep growing and give everyone a good first impression. The first haircut is always the hardest one because they have to trust me,” he says, mentioning that he feels as if he’s accomplished most of these. He hopes that people will see their friends’ hair and want to go to him to get their hair cut too, and continue growing as a business.
You can check out Brian’s business through his Instagram, @cheekycutz.