Entertainment Recommendations: Normal People

On a novel by Sally Rooney, Normal People follows the interesting dynamic of two characters that also explores their depth and complexity in both characters.


By: Amoga Bangalore

The TV show, “Normal People ” is a 12 part series on Hulu that is based off of the novel by Sally Rooney. This story is set in Ireland and could be described as a coming of age story between two people, Marianne and Connell. 

However, the dynamic of the characters is not what is generally expected. Connell is an athletic, well known, social character, who is however more of the introverted type. Marianne is quite the opposite of that because she is an outgoing person with a prominent personality, although she is the “isolated” student. Additionally, Marianne comes from money, while Connell does not come from a good financial background. 

One thing that Connell struggles with is feeling alienated from his friend group, even though he is very well liked. Marianne is someone he feels he is more similar to in essentially every way. Their love story begins because Connell’s mother is Marianne’s cleaning lady. Once they get to know each other better, it seems that they were meant for each other. However challenges such as; keeping their love a secret, college after graduation, and miscommunication, make it not so simple. They struggle through many internal and external conflicts as they go through high school and college, seeming to continuously find themselves crossing each other’s paths. 

The central conflict in this show (and book), is miscommunication. As the viewer, there is an in depth view of both character’s lives and emotions. 

One thing that can be appreciated in this story is how it is not just about their relationship. Viewers can easily sympathize with Marianne and Connell as they grow up and face different internal conflicts that come with age. Many things they go through, are things that can touch the viewer personally. Through 12 episodes, so much occurs between Connell and Marianne. Additionally, the many other internal conflicts of the characters have given the show a relatable aspect.