Eleanor’s Take: Sports, School, and the In-Between

Balancing school, activities, and college can often be stressful for seniors. Eleanor Fox explains how she manages to balance everything and still have fun in the process.


By: Njeri Jackson

As students may or may not know, Eleanor Fox, a senior, does a lot in the Tusky community. She serves on the Senior Class Council, for example, which she says is her favorite club.  

“I am able to improve school spirit and help our class better their involvement” she says. School spirit is always something that Tuscarora has valued, from the supportive crowds at football games, to students wearing school spirit gear, Tuscarora certainly doesn’t lack in that department.

Becoming part of such a spirited community is important in school. 

According to Fox, “it makes school more than just a school.” 

Participating in extracurricular activities helps show students how school is more than solely sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher ramble on about topics,” she explains, “It is about making connections and bonding with other people who have similar interests.” 

Although it might be difficult at times, Fox has come up with an efficient way for her to manage both extracurriculars and academics. 

“School comes first,” she remarks, but in order for me to focus I also need to exercise.” 

Participating in field hockey, swimming, and lacrosse, Fox has a busy after school schedule. She says, however, “to balance both academics and athletics I make sure that I plan my schedule out for each day and write down everything I need to accomplish in my calendar,” showing that it is possible with the right planning and organization. 

While Fox has been incredibly involved and successful here, graduation is coming up, and she’s headed for college. 

“I plan on going to an in-state school,” she says, “I don’t have a dream school, but if I get into UVA, that would be very nice.”

In addition to UVA, she also says that she applied to JMU, William & Mary, VT, and Duke.

When asked about what she would like to study for college, Fox replied, saying, “at the moment I would like to be an allergist. I have food allergies and exercise induced anaphylaxis so this job would be perfect for me.” 

She doesn’t fully know what she wants to major in, however, she is looking towards the pre-med track, and is considering being a biology, chemistry, biochemistry, or nursing major.

Whatever she chooses, Tuscarora will be sure to wish her the best of luck!