A Day in the DMV- Pentagon City

Pentagon City mall is one of the most popular places in Arlington County, here’s what you can do while you’re there!

A Day in the DMV- Pentagon City

Arlington County, one of the most populous counties in Virginia, lies 15 minutes outside of Washington DC. Though the county has various tourist attractions, the most popular one is definitely the Pentagon City mall, which opened in 1989 and has been growing rapidly ever since.

Located right off of interstate 395, this famous mall has four floors, each of which are lined with popular stores and restaurants such as the Apple store, Shake Shack, Coach, Forever 21, and Aerie.  Not only does the mall have various department stores, there are also many small local businesses such as  Xtra Xhibit and Belmont Jewelers. Reviews are nothing but positive, saying things such as stating that there is so much to do and not enough time in one day to do it all.

If you’re also wanting to visit on a weekend, but also want to avoid being caught up in rush hour, try avoiding going to the mall at around 3-4PM, that’s when it is usually the busiest.  

Another great way to spend your time in Pentagon City is going to the Pentagon Row outdoor ice skating rink, which is located right outside of the mall. Though keep in mind that it is more of a seasonal activity, opening in early November and closing in late April, no exact dates for 2021 have been released at this time. At Pentagon Row, tourists can enjoy ice-skating around the well lit plaza, which also has many other restaurants and stores. Lessons are also offered for first time ice skaters and hockey players. On weekends, the rink opens at 10am, and it closes at 11PM on Saturdays and 10PM on Sundays.