Gameday Recap: 9/13 – 9/17

Another week of Tuscarora sports took place last week, catch up on what you missed.


With another school week down, so is another week of Tuscarora sports. Starting last Monday and ending last Friday, Tuscarora came out both victorious and suffered defeat throughout the week.


Freshman Football: 

Starting off the week, the Freshman Football team played against Freedom High School on the 13th at 5:30 PM at Tuscarora. Was an impressive performance throughout the game, Tuscarora completely dominated the Freedom High School team with the final score being 20-0. 

Junior Varsity Football:

The Junior Varsity Football went up against Heritage High School on 9/13 at 6:00 PM and played at Heritage High School. Despite being down 12-0 during the first 2 quarters, the Junior Tuscarora team was able to collect 20 points during the 3rd quarter and won the game against Heritage with a final score of 20-12.

Varsity Football:

For the Homecoming game that took place on the 17th as well as America night, Tuscarora’s Varsity team played against the Heritage Varsity Team at 7 PM at Tuscarora High School. While a very defensive game at the beginning, Tuscarora was leading the game with a score of 7-0. However, Heritage rebounded and the game eventually found themselves tied 14-14 going into the 4th quarter. The 4th quarter was a back-and-forth between the teams, with Heritage leading and then Tuscarora leading. In the end, Heritage bested Tuscarora and the final score was 32-27 Heritage.


Freshman Girls Volleyball:

The Freshman Girls Volleyball team played their game of the week against Heritage High School on the 14th at 5:45 PM. The Freshman lost their first match against Heritage in a final score of 25-18. In the second match, the game ended with the same score of 25-18. No third match was played as Heritage already won the overall game.

Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball:

To start off Volleyball for the week, the Junior Varsity team played at home against Loudoun County High School at 5:45 PM on the 13th. During a very close first match, the Loudoun County team came up with a triumph against Tuscarora with a final score of 26-24 and earned the first match. During the second match, the Tuscarora Varsity team lost again against Loudoun County’s team with a final score of 25-19 and Loudoun County claiming the second match. Due to Tuscarora’s team losing the first 2 matches, a third match wasn’t played.

The Junior team played again for the 2nd time on 9/14  and went up against an away game against Heritage at 5:45 PM. While the game started to slip away from them, the Tuscarora team started to come back near the end of the first match with the score being 23-20. However, Heritage ultimately won the first match with the final score being 25-20. The Junior Varsity team lost against Heritage after the second match was won by Heritage with a final score of 25-14. 

Varsity Girls Volleyball:

Similar results were seen with the Varsity Girls Volleyball team. Also played on the 13th, the Varsity Girls Volleyball team also went up against Loudoun County’s Girls Volleyball team at Tuscarora at 7:15 PM. During the first match, Loudoun County’s team once again claimed the first match with an end score of 25-14. In the second match, even though the Tuscarora team did start to make a come from behind, the Loudoun County team still came out on top as they won the second match with a final score of 24-19. With Loudoun County winning both matches, a third match wasn’t played.

The Varsity Girls Volleyball team went up against Heritage on the 14th at 7:00 PM. With a very close first match, the match ultimately went to the Heritage team with the final score being 25-21. Playing from behind, the Tuscarora team couldn’t catch up in points during the second match as Heritage defeated them in a final score of 25-19 and walked away with a win against Tuscarora.


Varsity Field Hockey:

Played on the 14th at 5:30 PM at Tuscarora High School, the Varsity Field Hockey team played against Park View. The Varsity team won by a landslide against Park View’s team and ended the game with a final score of 16-0. Casey Lunt was a notable standout in the game who was able to score 6 goals throughout the game.