This Sparks Joy — Bed Tent


By — Xandrine Foxfire

I’m a very strong advocate for blanket forts.  I find them incredibly endearing, and on top of that, blanket forts provide a comforting privacy amongst chaos. 

They are, however, tedious to make.  I’ve been really busy recently,l and the senioritis has settled so deep in my bones that even opening my laptop makes me want to cry.  I simply do not have the time to build a blanket fort everytime I need a getaway. 

ENTER: Bed Tents! Tents intended to encapsulate one’s bed for privacy. These tents are a total dream. Not only are they practical, but they’re also incredibly pretty, and insulating (so you stay warm and cozy at night!). 

I recently bought my first bed tent off of Amazon, and I absolutely adore it. I found it easy to assemble, and I think it looks pleasant in my bedroom. On top of that, it provides me with what is essentially an isolated pod away from distractions.  This tent makes me feel surprisingly productive, I highly recommend it.  

The bed tent I personally bought was this one by BESTEN. It comes with little hooks and loops to keep the doors of the tent open, and it has a perfect little phone/tablet holder so that you can snuggle in bed and stare at a screen without craning your neck. Being in bed has never felt this convenient to me before!