Lion King 3-D

By Dagney Palmer and Lili Samios
The 1994 Disney classic, The Lion King, returned to theaters for two weeks this September. The special edition movie was released in 3-D in some theaters.
The Lion King is a classic Disney story with a plot similar to Hamlet. A much-loved film, the storyline involves a young lion, Simba, who is tricked by his uncle, Scar, into believing that he killed his father. Simba then runs from his past and meets up with two lovable misfits, the meerkat Timon and the wild boar Pumbaa. Meanwhile, Scar takes over the pride land and the kingdom falls to ruin. Then, Simba’s childhood friend and lover, Nala, finds him while searching for food for the pride. With the help of an apparition of his father in the sky and a baboon named Rafiki, Simba is convinced to return to his family and take his deserved title of king.
The 3D for the movie wasn’t particularly amazing or necessary, but it did enhance the effect of the fantastic animation. Putting this movie in theaters again is a great opportunity for children now to enjoy one of the amazing Disney classics, and it is a great way for people of all ages to feel like a kid again.
Many critics were skeptical of the response to this movie in theaters, but it ended up being quite successful. Even at the end of the second week, the theaters were full of people awaiting the much loved children’s movie. Some people were even sitting on the floor because there were no empty seats left.
Most people who came to see the movie were little kids and their parents, but there were also several nostalgic teenagers. The satisfied applause from the audience as the credits began emphasized the love and respect people still feel for a classic like The Lion King.