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Paul vs Mayweather Fight Information


By — Joey Hudson

Boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather, will be fighting famous Youtuber and influencer, Logan Paul. The two were originally supposed to fight February 20, however the fight was postponed due to business complications and COVID-19. However, just recently it was announced that the fight is now scheduled for June 6, 2021 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. 

Paul hasn’t been in the boxing scene for all that long and has only faced one opponent, Youtuber KSI. The two first fought in 2018, however the match was a draw, and the two fought again in 2019, this time however, the men fought without any headgear. KSI was able to come out victorious against Paul after 6 rounds and a 2-1 vote by the 3 judges of the match. The loss didn’t stop Paul though, who has continued to participate and train in boxing, which would ultimately help him in the upcoming fight against Mayweather. 

Mayweather’s boxing career started in 1996 and he officially retired from the sport in 2015. Through those years, Mayweather has won all 50 of his fights and has not been defeated professionally once. He has also been able to win by knockout 27 of those 50 times. Mayweather also won a total of 15 world titles during his career. His undefeated record and large number of wins has made him a legend among boxing fans. 

While many believe the chances of Logan Paul winning the fight are slim to none, the Youtuber has a lot of advantages against the undefeated Mayweather. For one, Paul is 18 years younger than Mayweather, possibly making him have more stamina and agility. Paul is also 6’2 compared to Mayweather who is 5’8, making Paul’s reach longer to Mayweather’s. Despite these disadvantages that are presented to Mayweather, his years of experience in the sport has already prepared him to counter those problems. Mayweather also managed to stay in shape even after his retirement and fought just recently in 2017 against UFC fighter Conor McGregor, who Mayweather won against by technical knockout.

The fight between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather will be remembered by everyone for years and is likely going to be watched by a lot of people for multiple different reasons. This is Mayweather’s 2nd fight since he came out of retirement and many are going to want to experience the boxing legend fight live. Paul and Mayweather both also have a large fanbase in their respective areas as well as Paul being one of the most polarizing figures due to many past controversies. 

Whether you’re tuning in to root for either Paul or Mayweather, place betting odds, or to see one of the men get knocked out, this fight is going to be the biggest boxing matches over the past few years. 

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