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Fandom Friday — Rising Covid Cases in India


By — Njeri Jackson

As of recently, covid cases in India have seen a massive spike. This is the second surge of coronavirus cases that India has had, and the results are devastating the health care system and causing a large death toll. The cases have surged up when April came around, with the death count topping 200,000 people with a majority of the cases centering around southern India. The country is in a desperate rush for the covid vaccines. America has been helping the country by supplying them with covid vaccines and supplies. 

The new cases have completely swamped the health system in India and it is on a collapse. The surge of covid cases has caused the system to be overwhelmed with Covid cases and the healthcare for other illnesses has greatly decreased. The hospitals are rapidly filling up, with little space for some people. America has been helping the country by supplying them with covid vaccines and supplies. Other nations like South Korea and Canada are sending supplies to help India as well.

The surge of cases show that the countries of the world are often connected. If one country is having a pandemic then it is possible it will pass to another, which is why there is a lot of concern over India. The disease must be contained or it puts other people at risk to catch the disease.

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