Tuscarora and Duke Set New Records in Game Against Independence


Bryce Duke rushed for more than 200 yards and scored two touchdowns in Tuscarora High School’s season-opening win as the Huskies played their first football game in 14 months.

By — Joey Hudson

Photo courtesy — Alex Jaeger

The Varsity Football Team at Tuscarora faced off against Independence High School’s team on March 5th, 2021. Throughout the game, Tuscarora dominated against the opposing team with their impressive defense and strong offense. 

Ultimately, the game ended in a score of 70 to 27 with Tuscarora defeating Independence. The win also resulted in the 100th win for Tuscarora’s team history. Bryce Duke, a junior on the Varsity football team, was a major player for the team’s victory. Duke managed to get touchdown after touchdown during the game, getting a combined total of 7 touchdowns during the game and setting an all new record for the school. Duke also managed to carry the ball 21 times during the game, getting an overall 284 yards. 

Tuscarora’s principal, Pamala Croft, recognized Duke’s accomplishment through Twitter, tweeting, “Bryce Duke sets the school record with seven touchdowns in a game. Congratulations on making history Bryce!” Coach Wheelbarger also highly praised Duke for his abilities in the sport and his performance in the game against Independence in the WTOP and was awarded with “Player of the Week” for his performance.