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Money, the King of the World


By — Njeri Jackson

Money is one of those topics that is widely discussed, yet never thoroughly thought about. Most people worry about affording items of necessity, take part in leisurely activities, and more. Money is truly a big part of nearly everyone’s lives. It is so deeply rooted in society people don’t truly see it unless they look really hard, even though it’s right in their face.

Money controls everything. The pursuit for wealth drives so many people, even if they don’t want to admit it. A higher position for a higher wage is the goal to most people. Some people want the money to spend on themselves, but others pursue money for others, such as their family. Money provides the resources people need and want, it even has huge parts of society involved with it. Marketing, banking, tourist attractions, etc, all careers based around money.

The saying “money brings happiness” might seem like such a false statement, but it technically has a fair amount of truth to it. Money brings people the things that bring them happiness in most cases. This is because the value of material objects seem to make many people happy. Having a nice car, a specific phone or video game, and other items bring people a sense of happiness.

Money keeps the economy running and as previously proven from the Great Depression particularly, and the one America is dealing with due to unemployment rates started by the complete crash of the economy, which in this most recent one, was caused by covid. Many people now are losing their homes, impacting the housing market, are getting laid off, and not being able to purchase basic necessities because of the economic downfall. These depressions indicate just how important money really is in society.

There is a verse in the Bible that says “For the love of money is the root of all evil” which basically means people’s desires for money can make them do evil things that they might not have done if they had not had so much money. Money may bring good things, but it brings bad things as well, largely in the way people act. Rich people tend to act a certain privileged way(not everyone of course) often that they don’t usually realize, it’s like a change of thinking. Like suddenly “oh I need a phone, but can’t afford to pay the bill” turns into “I have a good phone, but I need the newest one.”

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