Valentine’s Day Sparks Joy (and you’ll have to pry this holiday from my cold dead hands in order to tell me otherwise.)


By — Xandrine Foxfire

The absolute pinnacle of Valentine’s Day, the backbone of this sugar coated holiday, is total aesthetic bliss. Gaudy rhinestones and conversation hearts are always welcome, and if you want to cover everything you own in hand drawn hearts and soft doilies you are absolutely free to, no judgement. Nothing has ever sparked more joy for me than Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine’s Day isn’t necessarily just for romantic love, either. Have you ever been in a 3rd grade classroom, passing out red Fun Dip with your classmate’s names scrawled over the packets in Sharpie? That’s love, baby! Ever have your parents bring you cut fruit, or scold you for not wearing a coat? That’s love.

Valentine’s Day can be celebrated with self love, too.  Valentine’s day can be celebrated by wearing your coziest clothes and watching your favorite movie. It can be celebrated with self care, and self love. Self care is more important than ever! 

Be nice to yourself this Valentine’s Day. Kindness will always spark joy.