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Monday Mention — Dylan Scarnato is on Track to Tennessee


By — Taylor Byrne

Dylan Scarnato is one of 7% of high school athletes that will go on to continue playing sports in college. Dylan has committed to continue his track and field career at the University of Tennessee this fall. After several successful seasons of track, including qualifying for districts, regionals, and the junior olympics, it is no surprise that Dylan will go on to compete at the college level next year.

To get to the level that Dylan is at today took hard work and motivation from himself as well as the people around him. “I had to dedicate myself to training at the highest level, even during the pandemic. I spent most of my time running and lifting alone or with my coach. I had zoom calls with my coaches several times a week, and maintained a healthy diet.”, Dylan explained, “Simply staying focused and motivated was key”. One of Dylan’s greatest motivators was the feeling of success. After realizing that he was getting better and better, and winning more and more, he knew that he had the potential to run in college. 

Dylan doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. “I hope to continue getting faster and have success competing at the highest level. I would love to win an SEC title!”, Dylan stated enthusiastically.  

He is ready for the next phase of his life, and shows it when he speaks about his plans and hopes for the future. “I am most excited to be trained by the Olympian coaches at Tennessee, get faster and stronger, and have the opportunity to to reach my full athletic potential.”, Dylan shared. Besides becoming a better athlete Dylan is excited to be a college student athlete and all the experiences that come with it. “I am really looking forward to meeting my teammates and competing in the SEC. The overall collegiate athlete experience is exciting for me.”, added Dylan. Dylan is ready for the next faze of his athletic career, and we wish him luck at Tennessee. 

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