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Control for the Senate


By — Njeri Jackson

For the past few months elections and all the craziness that comes with it, has been quite present in our society. Signs everywhere, new broadcasts, etc. Former vice president, Joe Biden, has officially sealed his victory as the next president starting this year after he won enough electoral votes to beat Trump, following many failed lawsuits on Trump’s side. 

Currently the focus has shifted towards Georgia once again as the senators they vote in could determine which party wins control over the senate. As of now, Republicans have the lead, but are only edging the democrats by a couple seats.

At this present time, wednesday January 6th, it is projected that Rev. Raphael Warner, a democrat, will take a seat which would give democrats a majority of the senate seats.The first seat in the state is also expected to be filled with a democrat, Jon Ossoff, which would make Georgia a democratic state. 

The importance of winning control over the senate is crucial to having power in the gov’t, as they are part of the legislative branch that makes the laws. To win control of the senate the victorious party would have to win 51 seats. When voting on proposed laws on the floor, having a majority of one’s party would help pass laws they support, or veto those they don’t like, because each party usually agrees on the same points.

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