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Hybrid or Distance Learning: How did Students Make the Decision?


By — Taylor Byrne

As Covid-19 progresses, schools have had to make some tough decisions. One of these decisions, to provide the best education possible under these circumstances, was implementing the option for hybrid or distance learning beginning in the third quarter.

Hybrid learning is the option where students will spend part of their school week in the building and the other part from their homes. Distance learning is the second option where students will spend the full school week from their homes. Both options provide different pros and cons in each student’s opinion; usually grade level also affects this decision. Which is why everyone had different reasons for their decision.

A Tuscarora senior Sulimaan Zafar was one of the students who chose hybrid learning for next quarter. For some students this was a difficult decision; for him it was an easy one. “It was not a difficult decision at all, I just wanted to get that last bit of high school I can get and just be around the people I’ve been around since I was a kid”, Sulimaan said directly, “and just having my senior year even if it was a little different.”, he concluded.  Many THS seniors are in the same boat, for them this is their last chance, even though many things will be different; in some opinions that is better than nothing. Others would like to go back, regardless of grade, however circumstances are just not in their favor. 

For junior Arielle Mbia this decision was a difficult one. While she would like to go back and see her friends and teachers, two factors led her to choose distance learning. “What influenced my decision was two things. One I don’t want to expose my family to the virus, and if that means not going to school then I won’t. And two, I do have a job as a babysitter, so I don’t want to lose my job.”, Arielle explained. During quarantine several students, like Arielle, got jobs, so going back to in person school means less flexibility which could mean losing that job. Arielle also mentioned that even though distance learning has its flaws, she does enjoy being able to work at her own pace and feels less trapped.

Freshman Emma Hecht also feels that distance learning is the best fit for her. For Emma distance learning was the obvious choice, “Why would I go to school where I can’t do anything with my friends? When instead I can get an extra hour of sleep, FaceTime my friends between classes, and wear my pj’s,” Emma stated contentedly. Distance learning has its perks when it comes to schedules. 

Each student is different when it comes to how they learn. Some students thrive with distance learning, the shorter lectures and more time to do their assignments is ideal for them. Others struggle with having so little structure and thrive in a more controlled environment. All in all students made the best decisions for themselves, hybrid or distance learning. 

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