VHSL Sports in 2020


By — Mia Cramaro

This year has been difficult and different for everyone. However with sports season coming in full swing there have been changes to the rules. With Governor Northam signing the fourth amendment in Executive Order 67, there have been changes to recreational sports all across the state. Executive Order 67 also states that VHSL sports can begin playing this December. However this executive order LCPS has decided that there is to be no spectators at these sport games. Even though this will be very difficult to many, it will be safer for everyone. Though no ruling has been made for any sports after the first season (winter sports). There will be a decision on the rest of the seasons of VHSL sports coming forward. However this does not mean the end of sports in LCPS, and specifically Tuscarora.

We caught up with Mr. Tallent, the Athletic Director at Tuscarora, and he is hopeful that sports will not go down with these new regulations. “I believe that fans should continue to follow their teams and positively support them in the various media streams available. As you can see below there will be an online viewing option. I know families have used yard signs and other decorations to signify that a player on a certain team leaves at a house.” He is hopeful, like so many others, that sports will continue to be a passion at Tuscarora. No matter what the new regulations may be, it is still important to support our fellow peers that are playing a sport. 

Through social media students can support their friends and family by cheering them on. Even if they won’t be there physically. With these new changes the Tuscarora family can continue to uplift and support students and teachers and sports coaches. Students and faculty at Tuscarora can learn to live with this new reality, until we will be back to a new normal.