Monday Mention — Priya Zellner: Tuscarora’s New Guidance Counselor


By — Taylor Byrne

As many people know Mr. Barr, the former Tuscarora guidance counselor, retired after last years unique and hectic school year.  This year we have a new guidance counselor Ms. Priya Zellner, who is thrilled to help students navigate this challenging school year.

This is Ms. Zellner’s first year working as a guidance counselor; however, she has always known that she wanted to work with and help young people, “I have always enjoyed working with people in general and every job I’ve had has been with kids or young adults,” stated Ms. Zellner. Along with working with students during an internship for her school counseling degree, for the past couple of years she has coached a girls high school soccer team and loved every minute of it.

Ms. Zellner couldn’t be more thrilled to get to know each and every one of her students this school year, “For now, I’m looking forward to meeting all of my students face to face (through a screen).  A lot gets missed in email communication, so I am so excited to continue meeting students on Google Meets!  High school is extra special because there are so many opportunities to build relationships outside of academics.  I can’t wait for when we get to be in-person again, and I can see students succeed in extracurriculars, such as sports and Drama,” said Ms. Zellner. 

Even though this school year will weigh heavily on both students and school faculty it is Ms. Zellner’s number one priority to help students and build relationships along the way.  She is very appreciative of the resilience and flexibility of the THS students, staff, and families and looks forward to having a great school year.