Last Week in Tech — The New PS5


By — Danny Kisnter

In just two weeks from now, the PlayStation 5 drops, the largest gaming console in history. Just today, reviewers and companies have been shipped the finalized version of the console. Sony has promised 8k output, 4k gaming on TVs that support it, HDR support, and up to 120 frames per second. There are of course two new versions, a regular PlayStation, still with a disc reader and a digital version without one. The all new controller, of what has been the most anticipated gaming console of the year, also now includes haptic touch and adaptive triggers. Several new games can also be played on this device, including Horizon Forbidden West, Grand Turismo 7, FIFA 21, and NBA 2K21. 

That said, the two, new Xboxes are also set to come out just two days before the PS5, on the 10th of November and with Nintendo’s rumored upgraded Switch, there could be some competition for those looking to get a new gaming device, though for many its no longer a question. 

The PS5 starts just shy of $400 and the Series X will start just shy of $500.