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By: Dominic Gavan
What terrifies you the most? Is it heights, spiders, or maybe even puppets? For those that have been to a Tuscarora football game, they know how terrifying the screaming, chanting, jumping, and pumped up teenagers can be. These collective hyped and sweaty teenagers form the Tusky Terror which is our school’s student fan base.
Similar to the Raider Riot of Loudoun County High School and the Jungle of Loudoun Valley High School, Tusky Terror is the student section of the home stands. The thing that sets our student section apart from most schools is really one simple fact; our school is only two years old and we have one of the most dedicated fan bases in the county. It is hard to start at a new school, as everyone knows, and it makes it even harder when your sports teams have to start out with no seniors. These factors led us to average and bad seasons in most sports, but for some students such as Kyle O’Connor, this did not deter them from showing up to every game. Students like Kyle showing up to the games formed a dedicated and amped up student section that grew and became louder and crazier throughout the season. Throughout the season, clear leaders of the Terror came out such as Kyle O’ Connor, Josh Antello, and Eddie Lang.
There is an undeniable vibe when you are in the stands of the Terror as thrown hands wave all around your head and your jumping classmates bump into you from all sides. These bleachers are electrified with cheer to the point where people from other schools coming to visit their friends are often offended by how obnoxious the collective Huskies are. Every Husky Nation member can attest to how high energy Tusky Terror is. “The Tusky Terror Pit is like a huge party where everyone [is] there for one reason: to have to win and have fun,” as junior Livy Cross puts it. Livy perfectly nails what the Terror is all about, having fun while motivating our team to win the game.
As we came into our second season, our student section rapidly expanded since added a whole new class. Our football team also radically stepped up their game partially due to the fact that we now have a senior class.  This formula made for a student section described by one of the leaders, Kyle, as “The loudest and most obnoxious section of bleachers in the universe.” As we came to our fourth game, the “Battle of the Burg,” we were undefeated at 3-0. This “Battle” was a very significant game as it was the newest school facing the oldest school in all of Loudoun County. This game, for most of our school, will define Tusky Terror, as the student section was the most packed and most excited it’s been since the school opened its doors. When that clock struck zero and Tusky had the confirmed win, there was a roar that was so ear deafening it’s a miracle that the glasses on students’ faces were not broken. The students were so excited that there was even an attempted rush on the field that was quickly thwarted by the Athletic Director.
Tuscarora has a record of 4-0 now, and as we go into our next game against Briar Woods, we don’t look like were slowing down anytime soon. So, just remember the next time someone asks you what you are truly terrified of, tell them a section of bleachers and about 600 high school students.

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