Give Back Thursdays — Loudoun Hunger


By — Mia Parada

This year has shown to be a year to remember, not only are we in the midst of a pandemic, we are also seeing a boiling point for human rights in America. With all of the challenges, we are seeing more people step forward to help their fellow community members in numerous ways. So the focus here is to take a closer look at those members of our community who are helping in extraordinary ways, giving a shout out to those who are doing their part to make a difference in these challenging times. 

Giving Back Thursdays

This week we are highlighting Loudoun Hunger and everything they are doing to help our community stay healthy during this time. Loudoun Hunger is an organization who helps people who are in situations who can’t get healthy food on the table three times a week. People in need can come twice a month to receive their services. Even though they may not give food out every day of every month, their staff also works to help people get additional support from other outreach organizations. Due to the pandemic, all services are currently by appointment only. 

With many families currently out of work, Loudoun Hunger has been working with many people in our community who are in need to get them food and receive additional service. Loudoun Hunger’s Deputy Director for Community Partnerships and Program Services, Erika Huddleston, joined Loudoun Hunger about five years ago in a partnership with another food insecurity organization in Loudoun.  

“Loudoun Hunger Relief’s vision for a community where everyone has access to sufficient, nutritious food resonates with me personally.” Said Huddleston when asked why she joined Loudoun Hunger. 

Loudoun Hunger works with families as a nonprofit organization that wants to create a better community. “It is wonderful to have a job where I am of service to others.” Huddleston adds. 

Loudoun Hunger is here to help people in need in Loudoun County and the staff of this organization are trying to make our community healthier and better with these outreach programs. Not only can you get food from them but you can also receive information on other resources that you may need. 

If you or your family are in need of extra help, visit their website: to make an appointment today.