Cobb Theater Opening

By Shalom Montero
LEESBURG, VA-The new Cobb Theater opened June 22, 2011. Located in Village Market, it has been a success from the start. Adults and teenagers find it easier to go there since people in areas like River Creek, Potomac Falls, Red Rock, Tavistock, and other parts of Leesburg can easily go and enjoy a fun movie either with friends or family. The theater itself is surrounded by other fun places like Pinkberry and Noodles & Company and great businesses like Wegmans. The people that have gone to Cobb Theater say it’s a great experience and they would not hesitate to go there again. The environment is not only great for teenagers, but adults and families too, since the management tries their best to make the theater as neutral as possible with the movies that they bring and the service that they give. Since this summer, the theater has been expanding and getting to know its customers more and more each day.
“[Our goal is to] continue being the best, and [to] not just [be] satisfied with what we do right now,” said Kevin Paudouin, one of the Managers of Cobb Theater. Workers at Cobb are trying their best to please the customers, and it shows through the smiles on the workers’ faces and the help that they give. They are not perfect, so they will not succeed every time, yet what they are doing now is great work and dedication that they show with each “Hello” and “Welcome to Cobb Theater.”
“We do not really advertise too well,” said Mr. Paudouin during his interview. Many would disagree if they went to the theater during a weekend. The people there clearly know that Cobb is a great place to be, or at least enjoy it enough to come back again. Mr. Paudouin spoke about no hostility or competition between the other theaters, which is good because movies are movies and the people that make the decisions should not take it upon themselves to try and beat the others. They should try to make the environment as healthy as possible, something that Cobb Theater has done a great job with so far. There, the managers try to interview each employee two times and give them a change. They try to hire the best people that will give a good face for Cobb. They enjoy bringing the best of things to Cobb customers. They want people to feel welcomed and comfortable enough to come back to them.
 “It’s like a family,” said one of the workers. She works from 5-6 p.m. to 12 a.m. and enjoys the work that she does. “Everyone is nice,” she said.
The theater has a great atmosphere and the movies have great quality, and most people agreed when asked that the place is worth going to. “The atmosphere was great,” said Molly Stewart. The idea that Cobb is where it should be is there in the minds of people. “The price and the quality of the movies are good,” said Molly, even though earlier she had said the price was a little high but worth it. The kids that go there think that it’s a great movie theater and all responded “Yes” to the idea of inviting more people (especially their friends) to pass their time at Cobb. “I think it is awesome,” said Armin Salehipour. “I was in the VIP Theater. It was pretty nifty.”
Teenagers are, in a way, the hardest to please. They want the best of things, and if they agree that the theater is great, not just because it’s new but because of the new things that it brings to the table, then the opening of Cobb right around Wegmans was not such a bad idea after all. However, only time will tell us how things might change.