Dominant D and Dominant O Lead to a W


By: Michael Nerantzis
In Tuscarora’s week two rout of the Brentsville Tigers, they showed obvious improvement over their week one win.  They moved the ball through the air more efficiently but also kept the defense honest by pounding the ball up the middle.  They played stellar defense holding Brentsville to only seven points and gave up nothing on the ground.   “I’m happy with our execution and energy,” said Head Coach Mike BurnettCameron Molina, Tuscarora’s star running back, ran for 125 yards on eight carries and took the ball to the house three times.  He now brings his rushing total to 182 yards on the season.  Molina was a Dulles District first team running back last year and has carried his success into this year.
Another bright spot in the game was a suburb performance by sophomore quarterback Chad Carrerra.  He threw for 122 yards on 5-6 passing and one touchdown and no interceptions, “I’m very happy, very impressed; he moved the ball well,” commented Coach Burnett about his quarterback.  He kept the offense on a nice rhythm throughout the game and was efficient with the clock at the end of the half, leading his receivers out of bounds to stop the clock.  He improved a ton from last game where he went only 3-8 with a pick and a touchdown.
Another star of Saturdays’ game was defensive end Dionte Fitts.  Dionte, known for making electrifying plays all over the field, made his mark on the minds of Brentsville fans with a hands down biggest hit of the year.  On the ensuing kickoff to a Tuscarora touchdown, Dionte was the first special teamer down the field and had a clear shot at the ball carrier. He launched himself into the air and wrecked the opposing player.  The ball got jarred loose but Brentsville managed to pick it up.  After the game Dionte said, “I wanted the ball and I hit him.”  Although he didn’t get the ball, he did leave a lasting impression on Brentsville.

In the end, the Tuscarora Huskies beat the Brentsville Tigers with a decisive score of 52-8.