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First strike: Tyler Ansell gives us Husky-sized insight into the present and future of Tuscarora baseball

By: James Cassar
Tuscarora sports in the 2010-2011 seasons have been starting small legacies on the field. From football to lacrosse, the Huskies have proven to possess a quite formidable athletic program with wins and playoff entries populating our short one-year history.
Husky Nation’s trademark twist on America’s pastime does not break this cycle, and self-proclaimed baseball ‘extraordinaire’ Tyler Ansell has forecasted that come spring 2012, everyone from fickle freshmen to big bad seniors will be hearing their own Tuscarora team’s brand of chin music.
This year was an excellent first chapter in the Tuscarora baseball anthology. “We won 6 of our 20 games and made it to the playoffs. We made progress every day,” comments Ansell. He owes these well-played outings to his teammates and the “amazing coaching staff who gave us their best every day.”With every game came experience, and with experience comes the positive attitude that defines Husky baseball. According to Ansell,“the future is looking bright for next year.” Judging by Ansell’s constant praise for his team, his passion for the sport is a light that never goes out, and we’ll see that shine as the next years of this program unfold.
On a personal note, Ansell has been playing baseball since he was about five years old. He’s a jack of many baseball trades, pitching and outfielding for the varsity Huskies. And when the going gets tough out on the diamond, Ansell still stays cool and collected. “I always try to lighten the mood and keep everyone laughing while we’re working hard.”
All jokes aside, Tyler still has his mind set on the game. Despite the team’s lopsided record, “we’re looking forward to getting better next year and making a run at the district and beyond.” When asked what his senior year will mean for this sport, he expects the stands to be more populated with fans. “We’ll be winning a lot of big games next year so I hope everyone is there to see all of them.” With his signature smile and swag, he adds, “Oh and we’ll draw crowds by hitting the long ball. Chicks dig the long ball.”
With any sport, an athlete must have a clear definition of what their sport holds for them. Tyler’s passion is unabashed.. “Baseball is tough to watch if you don’t understand it,” he says coolly, “but once you do understand it, you fall in love with it.”
Ah, love in springtime. Husky Nation baseball’s sequel season plans to play Cupid and throw fever pitches at anyone in Tuscarora royal blue.

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