Husky’s Long Weekend

By — Danny Kistner

The four day weekend was a well-needed break for the students of Tuscarora. Though it’s only been a few days of school, the familiar pull of work and more work has been drawing the energy out of many. 

A poll of the students shed some light on what everyone was planning to do for the weekend, responses fell anywhere between “nothing” to a “birthday party.” Unsurprisingly, a majority were continuing work, whether that be homework or a job, their stress not ending with the 4:03 bell on Thursday. Spending time with family or friends, came to follow work. Parties, sleepovers, or simply killing time together are all means of relaxation difficult to disagree with. Second to them, however, was a group of people doing absolutely nothing, something a majority hope for, but unfortunately, cannot achieve. Catching up on their favorite Netflix shows, sleeping in, or listening to music were a number of other mindless activities people were planning to do in their PJ’s. 

Going outdoors, that being camping, hiking, or the like, came in third place, something entirely feasible given the weather this weekend. Leisure activities the runner up. Last, were sports; games, practices, and conditioning were plans for several students, the good weather beneficial to more than a few. 

Hopefully though, the long weekend was enjoyed by all.