Foreign Language Students Inducted into Honor Societies


On Wednesday, April 10, students excelling in their respective language classes were inducted into the foreign language societies in the auditorium. The classes honoring their students include American Sign Language, French, German, Latin, and Spanish classes. Common requirements for all the honor societies include good standing in their foreign language class as well as their regular classes. Students meeting the requirements for the honor societies were notified and invited to the ceremony.

The ceremony started with each honor society representative giving a few words about their respective honor societies and congratulating the new members. Current members of the honor societies were then invited to say a few words about how knowing a foreign language has altered their experiences in life. New members were then called to the stage and given their certificates to honor their achievements, each receiving a firm handshake of congrats from Assistant Principal Mr. Rovang. To conclude the ceremony, new and old members recited words in their respective languages to demonstrate unity.

“Being inducted into a foreign language honor society feels great because it’ll help [with] my future job and career. Helping others understand a language I can understand and speak feels awesome!” said sophomore Kimberly Crespin.

Students and their families gathered in the library afterwards to sign a book that contains the signatures of everyone who has ever been inducted into a foreign language honor society. They were also treated to cake and snacks.