Only One Can Be Crowned




Nine male students, made up of underclassmen and upperclassmen, lined the stage, ready to compete for the title of the sixth Mr. Tuscarora on February 13th.

Mr. Tuscarora is the annual male beauty competition and the contestants are judged based on three events.

The competition is hosted by the school Student Council Association (SCA), and admission was $5 or a donation of three canned goods. All proceeds were donated to Loudoun Hunger Relief and a total of $260 was raised, as well as dozens of boxes of canned goods.

This year’s contestants were seniors Caleb Evans or Mr. Tuscaloosa, Cole Francisco or Mr. Sensitive, Sam Galletta or Mr. Chunky Monkey, and Brecan Saul or Mr. Señor Salsa P2. Juniors were Jasveer Athwal or Mr. Sassss, Drew Gold or Mr. America, Jackson Mattingley or Mr. Chief, and Max Skirkanich or Mr. Boombastic, as well as sophomore John Pearsall or Mr. Fresh Man 2.0. Gold, Francisco, and Pearsall are the only returning members this year, and returned for redemption.

The first event was a group dance choreographed by seniors Emma Atkinson, Olivia Abbey, and Emily Larrick. The dance featured a match-up of songs including Run the World by Beyoncé and Nonstop by Drake.

When questioned whether he preferred the competition last year or this year more Mr. Sensitive responded saying that he “preferred this year [because the] contestants this time were much worse at dancing, which put me as a top three dancer.”

After the group performance, the boys quickly got ready for the talent portion of the competition. This event featured an arm wrestling competition by Mr. Senor Salsa and a recorder solo by Mr. America.

The final event was the Question and Answer round where the contestants changed into their “Dream Job” attire, explained why they chose that dream career, and answer one question by one of the judges. “The most difficult part was coming up with good answers to all the questions. We got a list of the questions before, but we didn’t know which one we’d be asked,” said Mr. Chief.

The judges for this year’s competition included a combination of both staff and students. On the teacher side, Mrs. Kelly Wagner, Mr. Matthew Crisp, and Mrs. Thornton, all found themselves on the judging end. For students, junior Lydia Seekford and senior Sully Carr judged their peers in each round of the competition.

In addition to the staff section of judging, another staff member found his way throughout the competition. Mr. Daniel Kim was the MC of the night, commentating and announcing each portion of the beauty pageant.

At the end of the night, the results were tallied, and the crowd, as well as the contestants, awaited the results. In third place was Mr. Sasss, in second was Mr. Señor Salsa P2, and this year’s winner in first place was Mr. Chunky Monkey.

Mr. Chunky Monkey swayed the judges with a unique talent of eating a Carolina Reaper pepper while singing along to You’re Beautiful by James Blunt. “My favorite part was getting the Chick-fil-a gift card and flexing the crown in school the day after,” said winner, Mr. Chunky Monkey.

This year’s competition, will not be the last time some of the contestants take the stage. Some are coming back for a second year, while others for a third. “I am planning on doing Mr. Tuscarora next year because I need a crown before I graduate,” said hopefully soon-to-be third year competitor, Mr. Fresh Man 2.0.