Students Shine in Desserts on Broadway


From classic showtunes to recent movies, all kinds of songs were sung in the 4th Annual Desserts on Broadway Show. Students were welcome to come out where they watched the theatre and choir students sing, while being fed cake and other treats in the cafeteria.

I loved it!” said senior singer Natalie Ah Nee. “This has been my favorite year so  far; I love musical theatre so of course this was amazing for me.”

The night started off with families and friends coming inside and sitting at either  reserved or unreserved tables. Both were provided with food and water with cake coming at the intermission.  Student volunteers and waiters also came out to volunteer to show their support for the theatre and choir departments as well.

“Just seeing how students grow musically and performance-wise by being in the choral and music theatre programs is so rewarding,” said choir director Christine Tarrant. “Also it’s a great night for our choir and theatre families. Everyone bonds and supports each other. Our finale was ‘This Is Me from Greatest Showman.’ It was incredible to see everyone express themselves, make art, and bond.”

The choir and the theatre departments came together for Desserts on Broadway, led by directors Mr. Justin Daniels and Tarrant. There were some musical theatre songs mixed in with the choir performances throughout the night.  Students also performed solos, duets and even large group performances representing different genres of music throughout the night.

“I think it went amazing,” said Ah Nee. “Being a senior and seeing how far I’ve come as a singer as well as all of my friends is totally crazy and sentimental.”

“Our students are passionate and motivated,” Tarrant noted. “I love my job and my students. We are able to work together and put our hearts into our art.”

Students of all grades were also able to participate in the show, ranging from freshmen to seniors. The Choir department then was able to come together to put on a show that entertained audiences and most likely encouraged current and future students to participate in the Choir department.

“We are always excited to add members to our choir family,” Tarrant added. “Even if you have never sung before. Meet new friends, travel, and learn to sing and perform. I would like to thank all of our students, parents, teachers, staff and community who came out and supported the event.”