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Juniors vs. Staff Volleyball Game Ends With a Student Victory

By Meilan Solly and Erica Walker
LEESBURG, VA- Teachers diving to the ground and students performing splits were several highlights of the Juniors vs. Staff volleyball game, which was held in the Tuscarora Main Gym during Study Hall on Tuesday, December 21, 2010. The juniors walked away with a win of 2-1.
The junior team included Cameron Molina, Tyler Dietrich, and Paul Monk. Some players on the faculty team were Ms. Smingler, Mr. Muscarella, Mrs. Hall, Ms. Bass-Thomas, Mr. Fortune, Mr. Barr., and Mr. Martin.
In the bleachers, many people seemed to favor the juniors over the staff. The staff at times attempted to get the students to root, “Teachers! Teachers!” However, they failed.
Megan Smith, a History and Psychology teacher, was one of the faculty team’s players. She decided to participate in the game because she thought students would have fun seeing teachers make complete fools of themselves. Miss Smith’s favorite moment was when Mr. Fletcher dove across the floor while trying to get the ball over the net. “[My team played] with a lot of heart,” comments Miss Smith. She has no prior volleyball experience except faculty games at previous schools.
Keeping the ball in bounds can be fairly difficult to do, but it’s not as difficult as calling the ball out or in. Ms. Bass Thomas attempted to run over to the ball, but stopped because she believed it was out. However, the referees watched the ball all the way through, calling it in.
Margaret Upp
, a Physical Education and Health teacher, played in the game because she “likes to support student and staff events to build school spirit.” She took a volleyball class in college and teaches the game to 9th graders in P.E. Mrs. Upp was very proud of her team, saying, “We rose to the occasion and did quite well.” Her favorite game moment was when Cameron Molina, a player for the junior team, did the splits and still managed to hit the ball.
Juniors were very aggressive in the game. They also appeared to be well-organized. They had strong overhand serves, while the teachers’ serving was excellent as well and consistent. However, in the last set with the score 9-4 (teachers winning), juniors called a time out and formed a huddle to re-strategize. After the huddle, it seemed like the juniors got their game back. They ended the game with a 15-14 win.
The Juniors vs. Staff volleyball game, which was held to raise money for the sophomore class, was played in three sets. Both teams had their moments, but in the end, the juniors prevailed.

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