Behind the Scenes: Prom A look into all the work that is done by the Junior Class Council and the student body for Prom 2018


By Maria Schense

Prom. A forever remembered night of each high school student that attends. Those who attended saw the final result of hard work: the decorations, food, and music; however, what many do not think of is all the hours that are put into the night of dancing.

The theme of this year’s prom was Starry Night. It took place on April 7th, and is solely the responsibility of the junior class, with the Junior Class Council planning it entirely.
From the end of sophomore year, now juniors: Alexis Kiefer, Mariana Smith, Nicole Shea, Elizabeth Sicking, Taylor Gryder, and Sarah Glasscock, along with their co-sponsors Ms. Anne Tulloch and Ms. Abby Cheatham have been preparing for this night.

“There is a lot of planning by the class council behind the scenes…they have bi-weekly meetings throughout the year…to make sure everything runs smoothly,” said Tulloch.

Throughout the year, the Junior Class Council hosted different events to raise money for prom including the Powderpuff game and a Chick-fil-a fundraiser.
“Every fundraiser we do goes towards prom,” said junior class president, Alexis Kiefer. These events helped the junior class reach their $24-25,000 budget for Prom.

Different from last year the event occurred in early April, instead of the middle of May. “The NCC [or the venue, the National Conference Center], gave us two prom dates to pick from and Mrs. Croft chose the earlier date,” said Tulloch.

With this in mind, the time frame to pull prom together was a bit shorter and closer to other deadlines. The end of the third quarter fell on the Friday before prom, when students were turning in last minute assignments and teachers were grading final tests. This tends to add a second stress level to the teachers and students plates, which is further increased by the stress of prom.

Even with the shrunken time frame, the junior class stayed on track for success. Each lunch shift for several weeks leading up to prom, the JCC sold tickets and continued to earn more money, and worked closer to their goal.

One of the most important nights leading up to Prom was the Friday before. From 4-10pm juniors and seniors on April 6th were invited to decorate for prom. The decorating was done solely by the upperclassmen, and with more people the time spent decorating, a crucial aspect of prom, it was done faster.

The sponsors, as well as the JCC were hopeful that since the theme this year was Starry Night, the decorations were similar and that it would take less time in general to set up. “Student involvement is super important because everything we do is for the students…and it is a lot easier to decorate when we have help from other people,” said Kiefer.