Letter from the Staff: The RISE Awards


By: The Husky Headline

Inspired by Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year,’ we decided to highlight 4 staff members that we believed each demonstrated a pillar of ‘RISE.’ We wanted to give them rightly deserved recognition because teachers overall are generally very under-appreciated by students for all of the work that they do.

Teachers are at school sometimes long before students arrive and long after they leave. They put in time that we don’t even know about. They spend countless hours creating lesson plans, putting together tests, grading papers, and helping students who don’t understand material. Other teachers teach zero period classes, so they have to come in extra early everyday to teach class before the school day even begins for everyone else.

And yet, some teachers have even more on their plate. They coach sports teams at our school, sponsor clubs, and help with other extra curricular activities because they love helping and interacting with students. Many teachers also repeatedly come to cheer on students at athletic, fine arts, and academic events, involving themselves even more in the school community.

Other teachers are actually in school themselves at the same time they are teaching you. They attend classes to earn their master’s or doctoral degrees and have to do their own school work for those classes on top of the work for the classes they teach.

So the next time you complain about a teacher not grading a test or paper right away, keep in mind that behind the scenes, they are doing a lot more than realized and deserve a lot more recognition and appreciation.