Teen Volunteering


By the Husky Headline Staff

Not only does high school prepare us for college, but it also prepares us for the real world. A world in which an A on your APUSH test doesn’t matter but the human sitting next to you on the bus does. Since we spend so much of our time at school, shouldn’t we be taught how to help our fellow citizens? By establishing organizations such as NHS, Key Club, and Interact, Loudoun County schools have tried to do their part in creating well rounded individuals to send out into the world. However, some students don’t understand the important implications of volunteering at a young age. Service opportunities provided by schools allow students to experience new things as they build their character and better the community as a whole.

While most teenagers complain that they don’t have enough opportunities to get out of the house and hang out with friends, they also complain about volunteering. What better way to spend time with friends then volunteering to hold puppies at adoption events or make soup for the homeless? Parents can’t say no to their kids asking if they can go out to the local old folks home to call out bingo, so why not?. By participating in events such as these, you can also learn a lot about yourself while having fun. Maybe you volunteer at a local elementary school and realize your passion for teaching young children or play bingo with the elderly and discover a love for human services. Volunteering as a teen can unearth lifelong passions and possibly future career paths. Lastly, students are bettering their community one hour at a time. By tutoring peers, reading to children, and walking in the Relay for Life, Loudoun County students are making their community a better place for everyone. So take a step back and look at what you can accomplish by completing your required hours. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover something about yourself along the way.