Future of Boys Lacrosse


By Sully Carr

The Tuscarora Boys Lacrosse team lost 12 seniors going into this year, eight of which were starters, but will only lose one after this season, so who will be at Tuscarora for a few more years and will make an impact on the field as well. Sophomores; Caleb Hertel, Jack Maschler, and Justin Wyker are three good players who will be with Tuscarora for two more years and will all make impacts on their side of the field. The Husky Headline had a chance of interviewing these three players and this is what they all had to say.

Caleb Hertel, a midfielder for Tuscarora, has been playing lacrosse for only three years. Hertel is quick and agile on the field and a strong presence on defense. He told us, “ I believe we have a good chance at winning states our senior year, but if we don’t I hope we will make it to regionals.” His goal is to hold a few records for Tuscarora. Most people believe since Hertel has only been playing lacrosse for a few years he will not make an impact on the game, but because of his speed he is able to get to the ball quickly and help the team on defense.

Jack Maschler, an offensive midfielder and face offer at Tuscarora, told us, “ My goal to achieve before I graduate is to leave a legacy for Tuscarora Lacrosse and to break as many records as possible.” Maschler has been playing lacrosse for six years and his strengths are winning face offs and scoring the ball. Maschler also stated, “ Winning states will be hard but we might have a chance to win his senior year.” Maschler says he hopes to break as many records as possible and we all hope he will.

Finally, Justin Wyker, one of Tuscarora’s attackers, has scored multiple goals while starting here at Tuscarora and should become one of the top scorers before he graduates in 2019. Wyker has been playing lacrosse for around eight years. He says some of his strengths on the field involve being an asset on offense and a team player. We also asked him what some of his goals before he graduates were and this is what he said, “My goal is to make myself better as well as the people around me and the help the team get better every year.” Wyker is one of Tuscarora’s young threats so do not be surprised when you hear his name in a few years.

All three of these sophomores players have different experience on the field, and will be with Tuscarora for a few more years. Hopefully the three can all help Tuscarora make it to states in a few years and achieve a goal of theirs including putting Tuscarora Lacross