Role Reversal


By Abby Fletcher

Tuscarora High School is known for its student section the Tusky Terror; but there’s an underground Terror that is actually the most spirited fans. Tuscarora teachers, Mr. Crisp and Ms. Tulloch come to almost all of the schools events rain or shine. From varsity football games in the fall, the winter play, freshmen girls basketball in the winter, JV baseball games, to the spring musical you can always find at least one of these teachers in the bleachers or stands cheering on their students.

Mr. Crisp, the Math Department Head, coach of the Academic Team, the boys tennis coach, and sponsor for many clubs already has his hands pretty full but always finds a way to get to the school’s games and events. “I enjoy seeing my students have fun and succeed. I feel more connected to my school when I attend these events. I already love sports and fine arts, but with my students involved I feel more invested,” said Crisp.Crisp says, he “never goes in order to be recognized for it. I know the support is appreciated whether or not they say anything,” which shows how dedicated to the school and to his students this teacher is. Senior Ashley Lenard on her basketball senior night recognized and thanked Crisp for coming to all of her games

“ I really enjoy seeing my students in their elements when playing sports, or participating in the Fine Arts or other school events. It helps me appreciate their talents in areas other than English. Most of all, it helps me keep the perspective that they have lives outside taking my class, and it helps me become a more understanding a patient teacher,” said English teacher and co-Junior Class Sponsor Ms. Anne Tulloch. Tulloch was homeschooled from kindergarten until her senior year in high school, so Tuscarora sporting and Fine Art Events let her get into the school spirit she missed out on in her school days.

Looking out into the crowd or stands and seeing a familiar face is always a nice confidence boost. So the students who see their teachers faces in the crowd know that there is always someone cheering the on.