Combating a Negative Society


By Brady Bullington

Our society is so focused on the negatives in everything that it cancels out the positives. The negativity that has consumed people is like a deadly disease that has spread across the nation. It has impacted us high schoolers to view life in a cynical way. How do we cope, how do we get through the judging we face, and how do we overcome it with positivity?

Many aspects of society are negative due to the limited point of view because of our differences. Something I personally believe that plays into this is the fact that we see negativity everywhere. Our social media, our televisions, and even our friends and family consume us to the point where we are so overwhelmed that we don’t even try to overcome it. People who trying to cope with this negative atmosphere and attitudes, find it struggling mostly because they are alone. They think that no one cares to try.

Ms. McKnight, an English teacher by day, artist by night, has influenced and spread her positivity to her students. “Today’s teens have a lot of stress as they balance their academics, social life and extra curricular activities.  I am constantly encouraging students and giving them positive vibes as they navigate through life. Give off positive vibes and you will eventually find yourself surrounded by others with the same mindset! We can’t predict or prevent what we are dealt in life but we can choose to smile and enjoy every moment that we are given!” said Ms. McKnight.

Lucy Blue, a sophomore who had her as a teacher last year says, “Ms. McKnight has a positive aura around her everyday. She gets students involved by a hands-off technique of letting them find their own creativity, and I admire her for her strength and inspiration. I’m sure many of her other students would say the same.” An everyday individual who faces the same struggles with a negative society has been successful in being able to overcome it with positivity.
Truth is, finding a way to fix this problem is easy. Cut out the toxic people in your life. Follow inspiring and motivation social media accounts. Switch the channel to something uplifting instead of a news channel talking about a recent death toll. Think about when you experience the most negativity and fix that time or place and how to fix it. We as a school must do our individual parts to provide a safe, welcoming, and positive atmosphere for all.