Featuring the Teachers in Sister Act


By Lucy Blue

This year’s spring musical, Sister Act, tells the story of Deloris Van Carter.  Deloris witnesses a murder, and she is stowed away in a convent through a witness protection program.  Deloris has always dreamt of making it big as a singer, and she doesn’t let her time at the convent stop her from singing her heart out.  She keeps partying, and forming close knit friendships with the nuns, all the while transforming the traditional convent choir into one of spunk and youth.

Sister Act will feature a number of faculty members, making the experience unique for the cast, crew, and audience.  

“I really want to focus on the theme of sisterhood. I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to bring in female faculty members…so we can develop a closer and more maternal bond.  I’m hoping that it will drive us to have a stronger familial effect on stage and the audience will feel goosebumps,” said theatre teacher Mr. Justin Daniel, who is working on and overseeing the progress of the show.

The female faculty performing include Principal Croft, librarian Mrs. Mary Pellicano, French teacher Madame Timotha Rainey, and twelve more faculty members.  Playing the roles of nuns, these teachers walk in the shoes of performing arts students in the school, and get a feel for the high school stage.  Meanwhile, students are introduced to their teachers outside of their classrooms.

“I like having teachers in the show because it’s fun getting to know them outside of their work area.  Some of them are really funny like Ms. Pulley; I love her,” said sophomore Natalie Ahnee, who plays the main character of Deloris in Sister Act.

Many of the faculty agree that their favorite part about working with the students is being able to get to know the talent in the school, and they have various reasons for auditioning to be in Sister Act.

I decided to be in the show because I love to sing and I thought it would be fun to do something with students outside of the classroom.  In high school I was a member of the Glee Club and participated in several concerts each year. As an adult I have sung in various church choirs,” said Mrs. Laurel Hausman.

“[Being in the show with the students] feels fabulous, exciting, wonderful, and also really scary.  I’m not a singer, and it’s a musical.  So that part of it is scary, but it’s wonderful being with this great group of kids,” said school Secretary Mrs. Tami Koerner. Koerner has previous stage experience, having performed in Snow White during her eighth grade year as the Evil Queen. “Luckily, they didn’t need me to sing; I could talk-sing.”

I never participated in any musicals or any other performance activities in high school, or since then, actually.  I was painfully shy in high school and made it a point to fly under the radar,” said Pellicano.  “ But now, as an adult, I try to challenge myself.  Especially that now I work in a high school and I encourage students to push themselves to try new things, I think it’s important to be a role model.”