Who’s Coming to Snowcoming?

By Lydia Stonerook

In every school in Loudoun County, a high percentage of students attend the traditional homecoming and prom dances in the beginning and end of the school year respectively. Tuscarora, as with most schools, has a spirit week, hallway decoration competitions, and fundraisers leading up to the big event. Because of this, why should students have to wait upwards of six months to attend another dance? Other Loudoun County High Schools, such as Stone Bridge and Heritage, have popular “snow-comings” in January or February. If they are such a hit, shouldn’t the Student Council organize a winter dance in between? Unknown to most Tuscarora students, the SCA has attempted to put on several different winter dances since the school opened.

Even though a majority of students attend other “traditional” dances, over 50% of students surveyed said they would not attend a winter dance this year. Some had concerns about the “weather being too cold” or the “cost of purchasing a ticket and outfit”. An overwhelming majority said they would only go if “my friends went or I had someone to ask”.

Tuscarora’s SCA sponsor, Mrs. Crawford, agreed with students, blaming the snowy weather for the lack of participation last school year. “We had so many snow days leading up to it that students were unaware and then forgot to get the permission form signed and to bring in their money,” said Mrs. Crawford.

Students also voiced suggestions for future winter dances. “It should be in the gym with a king and queen”,“The dance needs to be more advertized,” and “students should be able to vote on the theme.”

Even though an overwhelming majority of students wouldn’t participate, some students showed an interest in attending another dance. One student said, “It’s so fun to get dressed up and party with my friends, so why not?!” while another said they would go “but there has never been one.”

For those students who are excited for a winter dance, don’t worry, you just need to wait until February 11th. “We debated for a long time about what type of dance to have so the most amount of students would be excited to come.  The final decision was to make it a casual neon dance,” said Mrs. Crawford. Tickets will be on sale from January 30th to February 9th during all lunch shifts. Be on the lookout for more information from the SCA.