Social Media Success


By Emily Riley

Students leave high school with dreams achieving some sort of goal for their future, whether it be going into the workforce, going to college or entering the armed forces. As time goes on and technology improves, new jobs are constantly being created and reformed to stay constant with today’s media age. The rise of social media in the past five years has created a job that’s a dream come true for lots of teenagers: running a social media account.

The name explains it all, there are now jobs specifically made for posting and regulating information from celebrities’ accounts. Corporations, business, actors and actresses have hired people to control their own social media accounts which creates a whole new line of jobs for teens entering the job field. Although with great power comes great responsibility. According to the Wall Street Journal, there are over 974 million twitter accounts. That doesn’t leave any room for error, meaning one slip up over social media can cause millions of people to witness it.

That being said, when used strategically, people can use social media to promote their name or company. Wendy’s, the fast food company  recently used sarcasm and humor to ‘roast’ people who rudely contacted their twitter.

For example, one woman contacted their account saying “why do y’all eat at @wendys? Their nuggets and burgers aint s*** smh.” Wendy’s replied with a blunt “delete your account”, recieving 2.5 thousand retweets.

According to, Wendy’s is the fifth most popular food chain, following Burger King, Subway, Starbucks and McDonalds. Doing this drew a lot of attention followers to their account, which in turn could have increased the number of people going their to eat their food, therefore increasing their fame.

Managing a social media account isn’t just about making sure posts are grammatically correct or spelled perfectly but also finding information that will draw attention to you and posting it. Gone are the days of limited job offers. This media age that the world is currently in has opened up new doors for people who are devoted to technology and now even social media.