French Club Celebrates National French Week and Multicultural Night


By Anya Sczerzenie

Tuscarora’s French Club celebrated National French Week from November 14th to 18th, hosting various events to introduce students to the language and culture of francophone (French-speaking) countries. They began the week by giving out awareness stickers in the hallways, then hosted various events throughout the week, capping it off with a French bake sale on Friday afternoon. In between, the French club hosted a French film festival during Flex and a photo booth and “French phrases” station during lunches. They also held the Franco-Prussian war, a competition against the German club– in which the French club took back the trophy this year after three straight years of losses.

In addition to the official NFW events, the French Club also hosted a table at Smarts Mill Middle School’s Multicultural night on Tuesday, serving mountains of sweet crepes as well as baguettes and other traditional French foods. “My favorite part of French culture is the food,” said senior Anna Cheema, co-president of French Club. “I didn’t realize that a lot of the food we have is actually French. I enjoyed helping make crepes and experimenting with the toppings.”

Students also participated in the tradition of poisson d’avril– a French April Fool’s joke that involves sticking paper fish on other people’s backs. “I like the game we’re playing with poisson d’avril,” said Nora Jackson, a sophomore and member of French Club. Students at multicultural night could be seen with their sweatshirts covered in the colorful, construction-paper fish.

National French Week was started in November 1999 by the American Association of Teachers of French to celebrate francophone culture and the French language in American schools. The official dates for 2016 were November 4 to 10, but the French Club at Tuscarora chose to celebrate it a week later due to teacher workdays. “Students celebrate National French Week to share the French language and culture with those outside their classroom walls.” said Mrs. Rainey, a French language teacher at Tuscarora. “I hope that everyone learns how incredible the French language and cultures are.”