Senior Procrastinators


By Nick Matta

Senior year has come, and with the stress of your final year of high school comes the stress of college applications. It’s inevitable, if you want to go to college you need to get them done. When it comes down to it, the worst enemy of everyone trying to get their applications done is procrastination. Considering 87% of high schoolers procrastinate, all of us last minute workers aren’t alone. Some Tuscarora seniors share their ways of procrastination and why they can’t get those darn essays done.

Karanvir Grewal is a senior who is applying to GMU and VCU but has yet to do his applications. “I did the Nova Pathway essay because I had to, the deadline was November 10th. I’m just not feeling college; it’s stressing me out.” Grewal explained that he hangs out with friends often and binge watches Netflix, finding it hard to get his applications done. “[I’ll] get them done last minute; my mom will be on me and I’ll be forced to get them done.”

For many, the hardest part of applications is to finish the final few questions or last bit of the essay and click send. “I’ve started a bunch, I didn’t finish any,” said senior Edwin Lin. “[What I like to do instead of my application is] not do my application… [but I’ll] push myself [and] get them done eventually.”

For senior Quentin Fielder, college applications aren’t even a thought yet. “I’m procrastinating on all of them because the deadline is so far away that it doesn’t seem important at the moment.” Fielder explains that he procrastinates because there are more fun things that he can do that are immediately rewarding. “I hang out with friends and procrastinate on other things as well, [not just applications, but] I’ll get them done when I start freaking out about the deadline.”