Why Not Dance?


Photo by Sara Koochagian

By Lucy Blue

We asked students who went to homecoming why they danced…

“Because I wanted to have fun with my friends and I love dancing.”- Analyssa Gonzalez, Junior

“To have fun, because it’s a party. That’s what you do.”- Joseph Fortney, Junior

“Because people tell me to, but I really don’t dance that often.”.-Tanner Barbour, Sophomore

“Because I like to dance.  I’ve been dancing since I was a little girl.”- Nicole Sullivan, Sophomore

“Because there was music, and I’m a pro-dancer.”- Bella Signorello, Sophomore

“Kids should dance in general because it relieves stress and it’s fun! – Faith Payson, Junior

“Because why not?”- Cora Runholt, Sophomore

So if you aren’t dancing, why not start?