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Homecoming Day turned Test Day

Homecoming Day turned Test Day

By Tucker Stuntz

This past Saturday, October 1st, was Tuscarora’s annual Homecoming Dance. Many students take the day to prepare for the event with appointments, photos, dinner and more. But this year, many students from Tuscarora spent their mornings and early afternoons in school desks, instead of salon chairs or in front of a mirror learning how to tie a tie. Many students took advantage of this due to the fact that one of the main testing centers was Tuscarora. The SAT can take anywhere from 4 to about 5 hours, so it definitely took up a decent amount of time on homecoming day. In preparation for the big test, many students chose to not attend the homecoming football game the night before. Homecoming is a huge event at Tuscarora and the SAT definitely threw a curveball into some student’s weekends. Carder Saul, a senior at Tuscarora, took a minute to explain how it affected him.

T-“Did taking the SAT have any impact on your homecoming day plans?”

S- “To be honest, no. Because the test was so early in the day, it didn’t really impact my plans at all. The test ended around 12 so I had the rest of the day after that.”

Mrs. Crawford, Tuscarora’s SCA Sponsor, was in charge of the entire homecoming process including setup of the dance. She explained to us her thoughts about homecoming setup intertwining with the SAT.

T- “Did the SAT infringe upon homecoming setup because of the lack of students and other reasons?”

C- “Yes. This year was the least turnout for homecoming setup we had ever had, and we had to be a bit more cognizant about noise levels due to the test”

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