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By Katie Johnson

As the school year of 2016-2017 unfolds, for some it will be the beginning and for others it’s the end. At Tuscarora High School we have 389 freshman joining our school and 379 rising seniors. With the new school year, comes new sports seasons. Tuscarora High School is known for our spirit section known as Tusky Terror. The terror section is lead by seniors Tucker Stuntz and Carder Saul, along with junior Brandon Meyer. Tusky Terror is known for going to all the sports games and having lots of school spirit. However,some feel there is a problem each year with the new freshmen and their school spirit.

School spirit is all about supporting the student body, wearing the school colors, and screaming in the stands for you own teams. As freshmen come to Tuscarora,some don’t understand the idea of school spirit and others just feel the need not to join in. The upperclassmen on the other hand feel that the freshman need to “up their game” and bring more school spirit to the games and school itself.

“I did not have much school spirit freshman year because I didn’t go to too many games,” said Saul, one of the senior leaders of Tusky Terror. Although he is one of the leaders, he admits to not having much school spirit.

The general opinion is that, ever since the school opened, no freshman class has had a lot of school spirit, but now it’s time for change and get the freshman pumped.

“We as Tusky Terror and the student body could do more to incorporate the freshman like instead of pushing them to the back of Tusky Terror put them in the front to make them feel apart of us,” said Saul.

With many plans to get freshmen involved with school spirit, the freshmen need to also want to be apart of the school.

Homecoming is October 1st, and the week that precedes it is Tuscarora’s annual spirit week. Monday will be American day, Tuesday will be tv day, Wednesday is sports day, Thursday, game board day and lastly Friday will be class color or for seniors toga day. That week seniors usually always win spirit week and that’s no surprise and freshmen stand no chance. This year, maybe freshmen will rise to the occasion with their decorative hallway and spirit days.

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