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Seniors vs. Freshmen: The First Month of School

By Nick Matta

Seniors and freshmen are two very different classes, and everyone knows it. One class is preparing to leave home to go to college and start their independent lives, and the other is just beginning their grand high school experience. So what happens when you go to some seniors and some freshman and compare their feelings on the first month of school? What was the first thing that pops into a senior’s head walking into their fourth and final year of THS compared to a freshman? Two seniors and two freshmen share some of their thoughts on the first month of high school here in the Husky Nation.

Senior year is filled with its share of fun and hard work. Jordan Ogden is a senior this year and is taking Dual Enrollment English, AP Bio and AP Calculus AB as well as working two jobs. “I’m taking a lot of hard classes, so I was kinda worried to see what the course load would be like… but I think this year will be like another junior year, just a better junior year,” said Ogden.

Not all seniors came into the school year very worried though. Hunter Harmon said he was excited to meet his new teachers and see his friends, and had no worries because it was his senior year. He is taking AP Chemistry, AP Calculus AB, and Dual Enrollment English but he isn’t too concerned. “[My classes are]not as difficult as I thought they were going to be, concepts are easier to understand with the teachers that I have, I have good teachers.”

However, the worries for freshmen are far different from those of a senior. “I was nervous that I was gonna get lost,” said freshman Karleigh Downs. When talking about lunch, Downs shared that she was intimidated by the large cafeteria and the upperclassman around her, but was able to find some friends to eat with. She is excited about some things though: “[I’m] excited to meet new people [and] join more clubs.”

Preparing for school is an essential process in beginning the school year. Classes, teachers, and lunchtime are all very important, but what would school be without the supplies? “I first went to school and then got all my supplies the next day. [I got a lot of supplies,] like binders and other stuff,” said freshman Jason Barrionueno.

Similar to Barrionueno, Downs laughed when confessing that she too bought a lot of supplies, “[I got] a lot of binders and paper and pencils…”

On the other side of the spectrum are the almighty seniors. “I hadn’t touched my backpack since the last day of junior year. The day before [school] I took out the binders, emptied them, [and] I’m just reusing things from last year, I still have pencils and stuff. Nothing new, literally it’s the same binders, they’re nasty looking,” said Ogden.

And how did senior Hunter Harmon prepare for school? “I got a haircut… And I did my summer assignment, that’s about it!” Harmon also added that he got a couple of folders, if that.

It’s obvious to see the differences in what goes through a senior’s mind versus a freshman’s. It’s not easy to find similarities in someone from the top of the food chain to the bottom, but there did seem to be one across the board… no one uses their lockers! “I don’t use my locker at all, I don’t even know where it is,” said Harmon.

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