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7 Signs You’re in High School

By Megan Cohen

1. You care more about your future self than your present self.

Sleep is important for your health, but if you don’t study for the next four hours, you’ll fail the test, you won’t get into college, and your future self won’t be able to eat. It feels like every single one of your decisions will somehow impact you ten years down the road.

2. Adults either treat you like you’re 4 or 44.

Ugh, you’re so lazy. That being said, do you have your entire life mapped out yet? Better get on that.

3. “Stressed” has just become a part of your personality.

You don’t even have to say, “I’m stressed,” anymore. As long as people see you walking these halls, it will instantly be assumed that you aren’t feeling too relaxed.

4. You’re too old to do half the things you want to do.

Admit it, that moonbounce looks more fun than it probably should.

5. You’re too young to do the other half.

You’d be ready to drop everything and travel the world in a heartbeat if it weren’t for the fact that you have no money, you probably wouldn’t be allowed to go, and you have AP Bio tomorrow.

6. Getting into college will always be your biggest priority until it actually happens.

Doing things that just make you happy? Never! You’re trying to get into your top school. Every opportunity seems like a way to increase your chances of getting in, and you’re nearly ready to take them all.

7. You know so little, yet you know so much.

Do you know how to balance a checkbook or get insurance? No, but you can name the organelles of a plant cell and all their functions.

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